Over five years of experience in communication, event and music management.
Columnist at Säde Magazine and Edasi.org magazine.

Anett (2018-) managing all music, including "All Over Again" EP launches, co-writers' relations, media and PR campaigns
reket (2019) Album PR
Võnge Festival (2019) PR and media relations
Joshua Stephenz (2019) album media and PR campaign
Liisi Koikson (2019)"Bittersweet" EP launch, media and PR campaign, brand relations
Kuradi Saar (2018) album media and PR campaign
Joshua Stephenz & Windy Beach (2018)
Öed (2018-)
Viljandi Folk Afterparty: (2017) media relations, campaigns and PR
Liisi Koikson "Coffee For One" (2017) album production, release and PR campaign management
reket "Super ei" album (2017) PR
HU? music promotion (2017)
Whisper Sister PR and social media management (2017)
Jüri Pootsmann (2015-2017) artist management and PR
Elephants From Neptune "Pressure & Pleasure" (2014), "Oh No" (2016) album launches and concert PR
Jüri Pootsmann and Mick pedaja live May 29, 2016  concert production & PR
KÄT  PR, music styling
Levski  music promotion
Leslie Da Bass "Direktor" (2015) album launch and concert PR