Over five years of experience in communication, event and music management.
Columnist at Säde Magazine and Edasi.org magazine.

Anett (2018)
Joshua Stephenz & Windy Beach (2018)
Öed (2018)
Viljandi Folk Afterparty: (2017) media relations, campaigns and PR
Liisi Koikson: "Coffee For One" (2017) album production, release and PR campaign management
reket: "Super ei" album (2017) PR
HU? music promotion (2017)
Whisper Sister: PR and social media management (2017)
Jüri Pootsmann: (2015-2017) artist management and PR
Elephants From Neptune: "Pressure & Pleasure" (2014), "Oh No" (2016) album launches and concert PR
Jüri Pootsmann and Mick pedaja live May 29, 2016: concert production & PR
KÄT: PR, music styling
Levski: music promotion
Leslie Da Bass: "Direktor" (2015) album launch and concert PR